Organizing and Storing Warhammer Figures

I’m a bit of a fiend for organization and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent a needless sum of money organizing “stuff” over the years that I probably shouldn’t even have, or that doesn’t really actually need organization. Anyhow, I find it rewarding and my various organization approaches are something that I’m always tweaking. Since the workshop is where most of my Warhammer models are living nowadays, and it’s a dusty place with a resident squirrel that, fortunately, has not (yet) taken a liking to lining his nest with little models, I decided to organize my models and to do so in a way that will protect them while also leaving them mostly visible.

I saw these cases from Tablewar a while back that basically involve trays with metal in them and each miniature gets a magnet super-glued into its base so that it will stick to the tray, which goes into the case, which in turn has an acrylic front so you can see everything. Much better than boxes filled with foam!

The first step is gluing a tiny magnet to the bottom of every model:

Once this is done, it’s really just a simple matter of deciding how you would like to organize them in the trays.

Gluing the magnets on is easy for the miniatures with bases. It requires a bit more creativity for things like these earthshaker cannons on the bottom tray which I have not yet magnetized.

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