The Terrace and Rock Wall

This project that started two years ago is finally done! And of course, by “done” I mean simply moving into the next phase because nothing is ever actually done at a farm.

This week a landscaper came out with the fill dirt and topsoil and got the thing graded and even raised the wall in spots where it needed it. They did a phenomenal job and all in just one day. Remarkable what six guys, the right equipment, and a ton of experience can accomplish!

I seeded the area with clover just to get a nice ground cover while we decide how to map out our garden and paths. My sister gave us some calendula and chamomile seeds that I added along the edge of the rock wall, as well. The weather is perfect this week for growing grass from seed; rainy, not too cold, bits of sun here and there.

Next step: adding path lighting along the wall and some spot lights on the walnut tree. I think it will make it possible to see better in this area at night without the prison-yard effect of the big overhead light on the garden shed, seen above.

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