This is where I write about myself a bit. 

Most of what I would say about my work can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

I spend most of my time outside of the office either doing work on the farm or building, painting, playing, list-making, or reading about Warhammer 40k. I play Tau as well as a few Imperium Armies (Guard, Custodes, AdMech, Knights, Grey Knights, and thinking about Dark Angels…). I also love building WWII armor models although it seems that Warhammer takes up most of my modeling time these days.

I obsessed over Brompton bicycles for about 12 years before I finally bought my first one a year ago. I’ve ridden this little six speed to the office every day since, here in Seattle. This means I ride in the rain a lot and have discovered the remarkable utility of the rain cape as well as the terrible habits of most drivers.