Vintage Alpine Porch Completed!

So we managed to finish this up on Saturday including a new rain gutter and down spout, sealing, and fascia board to conceal the swale of the deck (which it needs to shed water). The last step will be some blocky finials on top of the newel posts although we’re waiting until we have the house color finalized to put those on since they’ll be painted in the same color.

Vintage Alpine Porch

Our house at the farm has this sort of Alpine lodge look to it. Being surrounded by evergreens adds to the motif. As part of the remodel we extended the deck around the front and so I decided to give it a proper treatment with carved railings and hand-sawn balusters. I ordered all of the wood from a place in Texas called and they are seriously the porch experts if you want something made the old fashioned way! So several months back a few palettes arrived via truck freight carrying a daunting load of beautiful milled wood and that’s it. No hardware, no instructions. This is DIY++ although their website is really helpful and it all makes sense once you get over the initial shock that you are not in Ikea anymore, Toto.

I ended up building a jig to construct the baluster segments and my dad is here visiting and he helped a lot in cutting the newel posts and attaching them to the deck. Oh and this is after everything is painted or stained with multiple coats. two days of work now and we’ve got two small sections up. However, the next two are built and then that just leaves the hard part… building the angled sections for the stairs!


I picked up the warcry starter set over the weekend and tried it out with Kasey. It’s a fun, fast-paced game that left me wanting to play more. This is my first foray into the Warhammer fantasy (Sigmar) universe. I thought the “Iron Golem” miniatures were really awesome looking and that’s a big part of what made me want to try it out… plus the thought of eventually putting together a Khorne army for Sigmar.

It took a while and a few tries to figure out the right techniques to paint these figures. This ended up involving a number of layers of contrast paints and metallics thinned with Lahmian medium. It’s a bit sloppy although the color effects are right and so I’m looking forward to painting the rest of this little warband.