Black Sheep 4-H

May 5th- Selecting Lambs

Our 4-h group headed out to a local Tenino farm, looking for good sheep for fair. We got information that we needed to pick sturdy sheep that had strong front and hind legs. So our group walked the sheep across the hillside. They explained that this was tradition they do every year, to gain the sheep’s trust. My sister tried to do it, too. She had a great time! Then we saw horses, pigs, and hens, oh my! One horse had a snowy white coat and mane, the other, auburn. Some sheep had lambs. I did not see any goats, though, which was strange. Anyway, we all learned very valuable information about the animals. When we questioned what fair would be like, we heard fascinating details! We heard that if you showed an animal, judges would inspect it, ask about its health, diet, and stamina, and then they choose if the animal can go home with them or not. You can even win a belt buckle!

Other activities include:

  1. cake decorating
  2. archery
  3. drawings and poster making

That’s only THREE activities! There is SO much more! That’s all I can list for now, wouldn’t want to spoil anything. Anyway, I have NO doubt that this is going to be amazing!

Our 4-H members are very nice, kind people! The animals at the local farm are so sweet! I believe in mystical creatures, so I said to a white horse, “if you are a unicorn blink once!” and it did! There is no doubt that 4-H is magical! To add on to my sister’s report about the fair, there are many different activities all 4-H members can do. My sister Lily, has listed some of them, but there are lots more. 🙂