The Farm

We bought this place at the beginning of 2018 from a gentleman named Gary Larson. Gary did a lot of amazing and well-thought out improvements to the property. He called it “Day Break Ranch” because the house faces east and he would get up early in the morning to take care of the myriad chores that always need to be done at a farm. Resisting the urge to call it “The Far Side”, we decided to keep the name Gary had given the place, although dropping the “ranch” for “farm” since, well, it just seemed more appropriate.

It’s just shy of seven acres with two houses, a kick-ass workshop, barn, garden shed, and a few other small buildings. The majority of the property is divided into fenced pastures with just the right amount of tress, allowing for easy rotation of grazing animals. We have a fruit orchard and a pretty good garden that we’ll be expanding this fall. We raise chickens and sheep currently. We’re planning on getting ducks, more sheep, and probably a couple of pigs next.