Swim board

One of the final steps on the exterior of the boat is remounting the swim board. This is so people at the water level can get onto the boat. The old one was completely rotted and so a very skilled craftsman made this new one by layering plywood with glue and screws and matched the original exactly!

Here are the refurbished mounts, mounted to the stern:

Pond Work

The hole is starting to look like a natural pond finally as the bog filter gets piping added and lava rock for biological filtration.

The view from the road isn’t great but this will improve once the rock wall extends around the outside of this dirt berm, so it will look more like this:

RIP Tarps

I did such an awesome job covering the entire boat and the pond with two massive tarps (40’x60’ each). Or so I thought… today we got some light rain along with really gusty winds (25+MPH) and my tarps were ripped off. That just pisses me off but I’m pretty sure there’s a saying about getting pissed off at the wind. I don’t recall it but I’m sure it has something to do with futility. Fortunately, today is the day we’re washing the boat to prepare it for painting so the wood was going to get wet anyhow!