Pond Work

The hole is starting to look like a natural pond finally as the bog filter gets piping added and lava rock for biological filtration.

The view from the road isn’t great but this will improve once the rock wall extends around the outside of this dirt berm, so it will look more like this:

RIP Tarps

I did such an awesome job covering the entire boat and the pond with two massive tarps (40’x60’ each). Or so I thought… today we got some light rain along with really gusty winds (25+MPH) and my tarps were ripped off. That just pisses me off but I’m pretty sure there’s a saying about getting pissed off at the wind. I don’t recall it but I’m sure it has something to do with futility. Fortunately, today is the day we’re washing the boat to prepare it for painting so the wood was going to get wet anyhow!

Hull Stripped Down to Bare Wood

Over the weekend the good folks at LS Blasting came out and stripped all of the paint off of the 46’ Chris Craft Constellation from the deck, down. She looks really beautiful in bare wood. I’m thinking about the possibility of just varnishing above the waterline and not painting over the wood. I’m curious if that will be harder to maintain and I also wonder if I’ll need to remove all the putty on the screw heads and replace with wood plugs or color them somehow.

A varnished hull is not an original look for 1963; the Chris Crafts in this size and from this year were all painted as far as I can tell (with the exception of the stern planks), although earlier decades in this same size and model had varnished wood hulls. They look amazing. I need to read up on whether or not they used stain and what type of varnish was used. My thinking is a gel coat paint on the porthole line around the boat as well as the belt line, just above the water. Probably black or green. The bottom hull (water line down) will be painted red with something like Durabak rubberized paint, and then the rest of the hull will be the varnished wood. We’ll see.

The blasting did remove some of the wood material. Probably equivalent of sanding with a 40 or 60 grit paper. I’ll be sanding the whole boat with 120 and then 220, applying Smith’s CPES to hydrate and protect the wood, and filling in the few spots of dry rot before I have to think too much about paint or varnish.

Pond Update

Lots of progress on the pond this week; we got the initial designs done, the hole was shaped up, and the liner was installed. Of course, the install is only on the lower end of the pond because the truck still needs to be able to bring the boat in. Unfortunately that got delayed from Friday to next Friday. In the meanwhile, I’m going to have the landscaper work on building a dry-stack rock wall along the terraced-earth berm. I think this will tie the pond in with the other rock wall terrace across the drive.

Here are some photos of the plans, complete with a scale drawing of the boat in the pond.

And here’s the play-by-by.




Garden Path

I bought some molds for casting concrete pavers to make a garden path. As I prepared to mix the concrete I thought that scooping it into the molds would be a pain and decided to pour a sidewalk instead and use the molds to imprint it. The outcome is a bit strange but I like it so far. We only finished pouring about half of the path. Here are the results so far.

Electric Gate

We’re having an electric gate installed at the main entrance to the farm. In these photos the posts for the gate have been installed and the gates have been hung but not yet adjusted or motorized. There will be a call box with a camera and a magnetic lock. It’s coming along well so far.