Getting ready to make hay, pt 1

My sister and I decided to grow our own hay for the sheep. This winter we’ll have to buy it, although if we start the growing process now then next winter we won’t have to. Plus, it seems the highest quality hay gets shipped to Japan mostly and is very expensive here. I think we’ll write a separate post all about hay, this one is about the tools to make it.

We’re starting out with a 12″ plow for the tractor. I bought one with a depth guide wheel and a cutting wheel since this ground has never been plowed before and we’ll have to cut through existing vegetation. Here’s the plow that I purchased for our John Deere 1026R compact tractor:

It’s a “land shark” brand, made in the USA, and designed specifically for a tractor like ours (25 hp). It hooks to the three point hitch which will need to be adjusted to stay steady via the turnbuckles. The videos always make it look easy although I’m sure it will be a trial and error affair. I’ll post pictures of our plowed field once the implement arrives and we get to use it. We’ll also be using this to expand the garden beds.

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